Tracey Fuller, UK Council for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Counselling and psychotherapy with experienced therapist in central Lewes. I have moved my practice online during the current Covid 19 situation so that I can to continue to offer support to those that need it during this worrying time.

I aim to create a safe and respectful therapeutic relationship where difficult feelings can be held and managed successfully. Whatever you need support with, together will we find your strengths, explore your options to feel more whole, or help you to move forward.

My approach is integrative and relational; combining humanistic core values with psychodynamic thinking about the influence of early relationships. I am also interested in re-authoring the stories we may tell about ourselves. I emphasise the value of a trusting therapeutic relationship in promoting personal growth and empowerment. I offer a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings with somebody who will not judge you. I offer you the opportunity to be listened to respectfully and to feel understood and accepted.

I also believe that our experiences in childhood influence how we feel about ourselves in relating to others now. In exploring this, you can move towards feeling more confident and develop your vitality in the ‘here and now’, rather than being bound by your past.

Integrative Arts

Sometimes words are not enough. I also offer a creative arts based approach for those clients who want to work in this way. By representing our feelings creatively using images we can explore areas that we may not feel able to talk about. This can maximise the possibility of change and healing. You do not need to be good at art and absolutely no artistic experience is necessary!

I offer mediums including:-

symbolic sand tray work




Using images as metaphors for our experiences and feelings can feel relatively safe but can also feel very immediate.

This can maximise the possibility of change and healing.

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