Tracey Fuller, UK Council for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic Counselling with Young People

I also offer a specialist service working with people. I over 18 years experience of working therapeutically with children including working with a Looked After Children's Service and working as a Schools Counsellor in numerous primary and secondary schools. I also teach on Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling Courses at The Faculty of Education, Cambridge University.

Children and Young People naturally use stories, symbols and play to express their thoughts and concerns. For young people I can also offer a an arts based approach using sand tray work with miniature figures and animals, clay, paint and mask making.

I aim to create a safe space to help  young people express and make sense of difficult or powerful feelings that may be troubling them or causing them to feel isolated or stuck. Once these scary feelings can be looked at, understood and managed often young people can begin to let go of old coping strategies that may be holding them back or limiting their opportunities to make good friends or enjoy life to the full.

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